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Shipping Container Portals – A Means For People to Connect All Over the World


In this high speed, hyperconnected world in which we move there are, ironically, ever fewer opportunities to make random connections and to have abstract conversations with strangers. Where once a bus or a train journey was an opportunity to meet complete strangers and talk about our worlds, almost everyone dives into their smartphone or tablet…

The Life of a Shipping Container from Creation to Re-use


Shipping containers can last for decades. Some of the ones that were first made in the 1960s when the standardised ’20 Foot Equivalent Unit’ (TEU) was first devised are still sitting where they were left many years ago. There is a well-known oversupply of shipping containers around the world because they can be made so cheaply,…

Recycling Shipping Containers As Art Museums


Proving that shipping containers have entered the popular imagination, we look at a number of museum curators that have recycled shipping containers into art spaces. In these instances the flexibility of shipping containers is utilised to the max, including a mobile shipping container museum that has travelled through French North Africa, a temporary add-on space…