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A Shipping Container Drone Racing Arena


Earlier this year a London architectural company called Studioshaw won a design competition to construct a multi-use facility for young people that will be built of shipping containers. The site will be in Dundee, Scotland and is designed to support the town’s growing computer game production industry which is seeing a major boom as creatives move…

Why Shipping Container Architecture Gets A Big Tick In Our Book


Surfing the internet you will find a bit of a rebellion taking place among certain factions of architects. Since around 2011 a growing number of them have been questioning the benefits of shipping container architecture. While they have some strong arguments we at Gateway Container Sales aren’t in full agreement. Let’s look at their reasons…

Shipping Container Wine Tasting Centre in Tasmania


Sometimes an area of astounding natural beauty with minimal human settlement demands exquisite architecture to both compliment and enhance the natural environment. The Devil’s Corner Cellar Door for the Brown Brothers winery in Apslawn, Tasmania does just this. The one-storey main building is composed of a series of repurposed shipping containers with a lookout tower connected to…

Aussie Shipping Container Home Wins Design Awards


As shipping container homes increase in popularity they are starting to win awards around the world, including one smart looking shipping container home designed for a section in Bondi. Architectural Competition Concours d’Architecture have a bit of a love affair with shipping container buildings and cargotecture in their monthly design competitions. In late 2013 Architectural Competition Concours d’Architecture unveiled their…

Costing Out a Shipping Container Build – What Does It Involve?


Thinking about building your own shipping container home or building? We know you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be spending all your time on a blog focused exclusively on shipping containers. But one thing is curiously missing from many shipping container websites – and that’s the actual costs when it comes to building a shipping container home….