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Physicist Builds a Supercomputer out of PS3s in a Refrigerated Shipping Container


It’s not every day you hear the words “shipping container”, “Playstation”, “military”, “computational astrophysics” and “supercomputer” in the same sentence, but strangely, that’s exactly what happened in one University and another Air Force base in the United States. A physicist named Ghuarav Khanna from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth had the bright idea to take…

Top 10 Uses for a Reefer Container

Image of a reefer container

Ever wonder how foods that easily spoil, like fruits, vegetables and dairy products, can reach you almost farm fresh from the opposite side of the globe? The simple answer is they are delivered in refrigerated shipping containers, which are also called reefer containers. Unlike normal containers that can heat up or freeze according to the…

Reefer Container FAQs

Refrigerated (reefer) containers

A reefer container is a shipping container that is refrigerated and able to maintain a steady temperature for the duration of an international shipping voyage. If you are shipping items that are temperature sensitive, then you will most likely have to buy a reefer container in order to ensure that your goods arrive in top condition….