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The Life of a Shipping Container from Creation to Re-use


Shipping containers can last for decades. Some of the ones that were first made in the 1960s when the standardised ’20 Foot Equivalent Unit’ (TEU) was first devised are still sitting where they were left many years ago. There is a well-known oversupply of shipping containers around the world because they can be made so cheaply,…

Keep Out The Cold (Or Heat) By Insulating Your Container Building


If you are to spend any time in your container building as an office or living space you should always consider insulating the shipping container or containers. This can be done in a number of ways depending on your requirements for the container building and what kind of climate it will be situated in. 4…

The GCS Guide to Purchasing Your First Shipping Container

Containers, Port of Rotterdam

New and used shipping containers are ideal solutions for temporary or long term storage, mobile offices, temporary buildings or even the basic building blocks for container homes. But with so many options, grades and shipping container modifications available, it’s incredibly easy to get confused and not know where to start. Gateway Container Sales & Hire…