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Do’s and Dont’s of Building a Shipping Container Home in the Desert


That a shipping container is a metal box shouldn’t deter you from designing and building a container home in a hot environment – many people, have done this very successfully! We will look at some ideas that work, and some that don’t in this piece. They include using your garden to shade you, as well as…

Fine Art in a Container – Shipping Container Galleries Around the World


When you think of shipping containers, fine art isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind. But shipping container galleries are popping up more and more in the art world. Shipping containers make ideal pop up galleries due to their ease of transport to virtually any location, can easily be modified and prove to…

Skateistan Charity Builds New Facilities from Second Hand Shipping Containers


What do second hand shipping containers have to do with skateboarding, Afghanistan, Cambodia and at risk youth? A lot once you check out this amazing humanitarian project started by skateboarders Oliver Percovich, Max Henniger, Shams Razi and Sharma Nolan. What is Skateistan? Skateistan is Kabul’s very first skate park. Skateboarding is used as a way…