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3 Reasons Why Shipping Containers Make Great Bug Out Shelters


As more and more people become concerned with emergency preparedness, shipping containers present an interesting use case as “bug out shelters.” The idea of a bug out shelter stems from the concept of nuclear “fallout shelters.” At its core, it’s essentially a backup location, where someone can temporarily retreat to for protection from natural or…

Containers for Sale Brisbane

[uds-billboard name=”residential”] Containers for Sale Brisbane Containers for sale Brisbane are available both new and used to meet whatever your needs may be. You have, of course, seen shipping containers around before, but you may not have realised previously just how versatile they are. These days the containers are being used for much more than…

Reefer Container FAQs

Refrigerated (reefer) containers

A reefer container is a shipping container that is refrigerated and able to maintain a steady temperature for the duration of an international shipping voyage. If you are shipping items that are temperature sensitive, then you will most likely have to buy a reefer container in order to ensure that your goods arrive in top condition….

Mobile Storage – Are Used Shipping Containers The Ideal Solution?


Second hand shipping containers offer an affordable and practical solution for all your storage needs.  With Australia’s location as a hub of international transport making it a cost effective and ideal place to source  a wide range of second hand shipping containers at internationally competitive prices.  Save both time and money by loading your container…