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3 Reasons Why Shipping Containers Make Great Bug Out Shelters


As more and more people become concerned with emergency preparedness, shipping containers present an interesting use case as “bug out shelters.” The idea of a bug out shelter stems from the concept of nuclear “fallout shelters.” At its core, it’s essentially a backup location, where someone can temporarily retreat to for protection from natural or…

Shipping Containers in Extreme Conditions: Antarctica

Bharati (2)

Shipping containers have a number of features that make them extremely good shelters and laboratories for scientists working in the frozen wastes of Antarctica. They can be converted to their end use in a factory environment. This means a whole research station can be built in a factory in somewhere like Australia or South Africa,…

3 Innovative Uses of Solar Powered Shipping Containers


Shipping container solar power stations are being created for diverse uses. In this post we take a look at how a shipping container solar power station can be used in three ways, as a military solution, getting power where it is badly needed to support communities and for mobile courier delivery in big cities. 1. Military solutions The US Military has recently announced that it…