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Shipping Containers – The Ideal Obstacle Course Building Block


Obstacle courses are used in a wide variety of situations around the world, from corporate team building, to military training. Made up of challenging obstacles that you must run around, climb over, crawl under or navigate through, they are ideal for testing your physical and mental strength, and will power. As the popularity of ‘assault’…

The Secret to Laying Successful Foundations for Shipping Containers


All over the world people and organisations are building small houses, community facilities, libraries and even promotional kiosks from shipping containers. Whereas setups like promotional kiosks are mobile, when you’re creating permanent structures from shipping containers a good foundation is critical. Whether you are building a workshop, an office or a house, the foundation carries…

Innovative Uses of Shipping Containers as Promotional Kiosks


Building promotional kiosks out of shipping containers is an innovative way of creating smart outlets and exhibition centres in trade shows, festivals, open-air conferences and as standalone display centres. The giant camera that you see in the photo above was made out of a shipping container. It was a promotional campaign run by Samsung Electronics…