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Icy Cold: 3 Shipping Container Solutions in Antarctica


Since their inception over 50 years ago, shipping containers have made their way all over the globe, even reaching the South Pole, one of the coldest places on earth. Today shipping containers are used for a wide variety of applications in Antarctica and are ideal due to their low cost, ease of transport and versatility….

3.2.1 Action! Shipping Containers in Entertainment & Events


The entertainment sector is a growing part of Australian industry. Whether it’s concerts, festivals, sporting matches, film production or conferences and meetings, there are many occasions when the humble shipping container is the perfect solution. We’ll check out the best ways to make use of a wide variety of shipping containers, from off the shelf…

5 Cost Effective Uses Of Second Hand Containers in Prisons

In prison, those things withheld from and denied to the prisoner become precisely what he wants most of all. Eldridge Cleaver

Whether we like to admit it or not, the corrections sector is a vital part of a functioning society. Crime and punishment have been part of Australia’s history since the first convicts were transferred to penal colonies in the 18th and 19th centuries. Fast forward a few hundred years and our prison populations (along with…

6 Awesome Educational Uses for Modified Shipping Containers

Teacher In Classroom

When it comes to the education sector, preschools, primary schools, high schools, technical institutes and universities are always seeking more space and modified shipping containers are the perfect solution for meeting these growth needs. Whether it’s temporary storage, or a full blown student village, second hand shipping containers can be modified and repurposed for virtually…

Press Release: Brisbane Container Business Helps with Mosquito Eradication Efforts


Gateway Container Sales supports local councils in their pest control efforts with custom built dangerous goods containers. Recent warm weather and rainfall has resulted in an outbreak of mosquitos in and around Brisbane.  Gateway Container Sales & Hire have done their part to help the local Moreton Bay Regional Council & Brisbane City Council in…

Modified Shipping Containers Are Popping Up Everywhere In Retail

Cashel Mall

Second hand shipping containers are used for a wide variety of retail applications around the word. Modified shipping containers are the ideal way for retailers to create “pop up” stores in all sizes, from a “food truck” sized cafe, to a giant mall! Re:START Shipping Container Mall in Christchurch, New Zealand Much of Christchurch’s central…

Disaster Prepping: Build a Bunker from a Second Hand Shipping Container

Entrance to old military bunker

TV shows like The Walking Dead and National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” have created an increased interest in disaster prepping, survivalism and building underground bunkers. The internet is full of videos and articles discussing how to build an underground bunker out of a second hand shipping container. Once its constructed you can hide out in the…