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Costing Out a Shipping Container Build – What Does It Involve?


Thinking about building your own shipping container home or building? We know you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be spending all your time on a blog focused exclusively on shipping containers. But one thing is curiously missing from many shipping container websites – and that’s the actual costs when it comes to building a shipping container home….

Creating Community: Tiny Houses & Shipping Container Architecture


In an age of rising house prices, the average family’s dream house can often be unobtainable. Throw environmental and sustainability factors into the mix and you have the perfect scenario for a growing tiny house movement. What is a tiny house you ask? Well – it’s exactly what it sounds like, small living spaces that…

Get Off-Grid With a Shipping Container Home


Off-the-grid living is becoming more and more popular for a wide variety of reasons, whether they be social, political or simply financial. Having your own self sufficient piece of paradise, without being beholden to the water or electrical company provides freedom, as well as reliability. What started as simply a movement to disconnect from the…

Shipping Container Offices – The Perfect Pop Up Workplace


Is your business expanding? Quality, scalable office space can be hard to find and most businesses simply don’t have the time for a costly office move that interrupts day to day business.  Shipping containers on the other hand can be utilised to provide additional home or business office space that is cost effective, quick to…

Go Glamping in a Recycled Shipping Container Cabin


These days you can’t go to a festival without running into someone who is raving about going “glamping” over the summer, whether it’s in a teepee, a yurt, or a crazy campsite that’s got more luxuries than your own suburban home. But what exactly is glamping anyway? And what does it have to do with shipping…

Creating a Shipping Container Sized 3D Printer


A few years ago 3D printing was nothing more than a gimmick, now it’s an industry in itself allowing businesses and individuals to construct custom components and rapidly mock up prototypes cheaply and effectively. No longer are 3D printers restricted to simple small objects, now they can just as easily be mocking up the latest…

The Ultimate Guide to Shipping Container Restaurants


Each and every year the list of shipping containers that have been customised to create restaurants, whether pop up or permanent, grows and grows. Sure we’ve written about this topic before, but food is awesome, and shipping containers full of food that is ready for our bellies at lunch time is even more awesome. So…

Shipping Containers: Housing the Homeless


The statistics for homelessness in Australia are scary. According to Homelessness Australia there are over 100,000 people who are homeless in Australia, while 1 in 200 people are currently homeless. That’s a staggering 0.5% of the total population. Of these 56% percent are male, while 44% are female and a disproportionate amount are Aboriginal or Torres…

Shipping Container Microbreweries: Beer in a Really Big Can


Craft beer is awesome. Shipping containers are awesome. Craft beer being brewed in shipping container breweries? That’s just next level wizardry, but it’s exactly what’s starting to happen as the shipping container microbrewery revolution starts to take hold on city streets around the world. Container brewing systems allow you the opportunity to start or scale up…

Fine Art in a Container – Shipping Container Galleries Around the World


When you think of shipping containers, fine art isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind. But shipping container galleries are popping up more and more in the art world. Shipping containers make ideal pop up galleries due to their ease of transport to virtually any location, can easily be modified and prove to…