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20 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Shipping Containers

Container Ship

Shipping containers are all around us, whether it’s in recycled buildings, storing things in the back yard or on the back of a truck taking goods to a local department store. Not a day goes by where you aren’t using something that has been stored in or transported in a shipping container. Plenty of us…

The Best of 2014 – Our Favourite Shipping Container Blog Posts


It’s been a big year on the blog with over 40 articles published and thousands of visitors getting the latest insights in container shipping, storage, modification and construction. We’ve checked the statistics, counted the comments, shares and tweets and have curated our top 10 container blog posts of the year. Our Top Ten Shipping Container Blog Posts of…

Big Living in a Small Box – The Tiny House Movement


House sizes around the world vary depending on a wide range of demographics such as: culture, family size, income, land availability and construction materials. A house might be a one room hut in a developing country, or a massive, one hundred room mansion in the hills of Hollywood. For the average family though, it’s a…

Shipping Containers: A Medical Clinic in a Box


Disease and illness have no boundaries. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there’s a chance of getting sick and needing urgent medical attention. The problem is, there are many places that it’s simply impossible to build a medical clinic quickly and cost effectively, be it in harsh climates, developing nations or conflict…

Shipping Containers Help Combat Child Poverty & Neglect in Myanmar


Brisbane based community charity organisation MyKids aims to send three or more shipping containers full of health, school and office supplies to help support youth in need in Myanmar every year.They are able to do this with the continued help and support of a Brisbane based shipping container company – Gateway Container Sales and Hire….