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US Military Gets into Shipping Container Building Construction


Militaries the world over love to construct buildings that are cheap, sturdy, and can be thrown up in minimal time. It is of little surprise, therefore, that they have recently discovered the benefits of repurposing shipping containers for their buildings. Shipping containers are very durable, can take a lot of weight and, thanks to being…

Mirrored Shipping Container Building Reflects the World


A shipping container that celebrates the world around it? Shipping containers can be quite jarring to look at. Built for the purpose of shipping goods around the world and lasting through freezing and violent ocean storms, let’s face it they weren’t built to be beautiful. Yet their functionality and industrial appearance has enabled people to…

Shipping Container Portals – A Means For People to Connect All Over the World


In this high speed, hyperconnected world in which we move there are, ironically, ever fewer opportunities to make random connections and to have abstract conversations with strangers. Where once a bus or a train journey was an opportunity to meet complete strangers and talk about our worlds, almost everyone dives into their smartphone or tablet…