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Modular Construction – Innovative Container Use Around the World

Shipping Apartment

Modular construction using recycled shipping containers are an excellent way to ensure that your home grows with your family. Recycling shipping containers is an eco friendly way of modular construction that allows you to add or remove rooms or building elements as required. Around the world people are moving towards pre fabricated, durable, modular homes,…

Used Containers That Provide Unique Alternative Accomodation

Used Container Accomodation

Accommodation and housing requirements increase worldwide In countries across the world societies are struggling for access to numerous resources, especially during natural disasters. Clean water, power, healthcare and housing are among the necessities that many facing extremely challenging living conditions go without on a daily basis. Fortunately the provision of emergency housing is being addressed…

Shipping Container Conversions – 7 Steps To Make Your Dream Home


Modern, green architecture has evolved into using alternative methods and structures rarely thought of as suitable living quarters before. Many people are now looking at shipping container conversions as a way of building modern, eco-friendly homes. Twenty or forty feet long, eight feet wide, and about eight feet high in general, shipping container conversions can…