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Used Containers That Provide Unique Alternative Accomodation

Used Container Accomodation

Accommodation and housing requirements increase worldwide In countries across the world societies are struggling for access to numerous resources, especially during natural disasters. Clean water, power, healthcare and housing are among the necessities that many facing extremely challenging living conditions go without on a daily basis. Fortunately the provision of emergency housing is being addressed…

Modified Containers – The Possibilities Are Endless


Shipping containers were originally designed to transport goods and livestock around the world, though an increase in availability of low cost second hand shipping containers has seen the advent of modified containers for hundreds of unique uses. Modified containers are shipping containers that have undergone alteration to suit any number of specific needs. We’ve seen…

Container Modification – What Have You Done To Yours?

Modified Container House

Shipping containers are an innovative solution to the modern man’s 21st century storage needs. But despite what many people may think, shipping containers are not just for storage and transportation. They provide a flexible and convenient space with a number of other practical uses. With the right modifications, a shipping container can provide the ideal…

Container Storage Units – Top Tips for Finding Them

40ft Containers For Sale Brisbane | Gateway Container Sales

Australia is now a worldwide hub for sourcing second hand shipping container storage units. This allows Australians to procure excellent quality, second hand shipping containers at internationally competitive prices.   However before you spend money on renting or purchasing either a new or used shipping container storage unit there are some things that you absolutely must know….