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Port of Melbourne Hits 3 Million TEUs of Shipping Containers


As it charges forward to its target capacity of 8 million TEU capacity, the Port of Melbourne has broken an Australian record in the last year, handling 3.018 million TEUs of shipping containers. Will the locals let it reach higher? What are TEUs? Twenty-foot Equivalent Units are the units by which containers are measured. They…

Sydney National Museum ‘Container’ Exhibition Goes on Tour


Did you know that 99% of trade into and out of Australia comes by shipping container?  Celebrating this, the National Maritime Museum has sent its ‘Container’, shipping container exhibition on tour around the country after its initial spell at the Sydney National Maritime Museum. People in Wollongong can now pay a visit to the six,…

Moving Refrigerated Goods Around the World by Container: a Science not an Art!

Scott’s Pics 353

Shipping container transport is so ubiquitous that we take it for granted that many of the goods in our home, medicines and food, may have come to us in a humble shipping container.  For around the first 20 years of shipping container transport, perishable goods were a liability. In bright sunshine, the contents of the…