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The Gateway Gazette

The Gateway Gazette is the most informative and interesting shipping container blog online. Chock full of handy tips and tricks and insight from Australia’s leading container company on what’s new, used and modified in the shipping container industry.

Find out how containers can save you money, how to choose which modifications would best suit your needs, view container designs, see creative container uses and read about the latest container trends from around the world. Check out some of the articles to see why our team loves shipping containers!

The Life of a Shipping Container from Creation to Re-use


Shipping containers can last for decades. Some of the ones that were first made in the 1960s when the standardised ’20 Foot Equivalent Unit’ (TEU) was first devised are still sitting where they were left many years ago. There is a well-known oversupply of shipping containers around the world because they can be made so cheaply,…


Keep Out The Cold (Or Heat) By Insulating Your Container Building


If you are to spend any time in your container building as an office or living space you should always consider insulating the shipping container or containers. This can be done in a number of ways depending on your requirements for the container building and what kind of climate it will be situated in. 4…


I Wish I’d Known That…People Share Tips on Building a Shipping Container Home


So you’re set on building a new shipping container home? You have an idea of what it looks like and roughly where you want to put it. It isn’t a case of simply buying a number of containers and plonking them into place though – there are a number of things to consider in constructing…


Recycling Shipping Containers As Art Museums


Proving that shipping containers have entered the popular imagination, we look at a number of museum curators that have recycled shipping containers into art spaces. In these instances the flexibility of shipping containers is utilised to the max, including a mobile shipping container museum that has travelled through French North Africa, a temporary add-on space…


What You Need to Know About Placing and Transporting Containers


So you’ve ordered a new shipping container from Gateway? Congratulations! From ordering your container, you now need you need to think carefully about where and how you are going to place your container when it arrives at its destination. While it is advisable to use a transportation company who are experts at the transportation and placement…


Our Top 10 Shipping Container Posts of 2015


In the last year Gateway Container Sales have published over 40 blogs on container building projects, and had thousands of readers. Here are the 10 most read blogs that we published in 2015, based on readership and comments. Our Top 10 Shipping Container Blog Posts of 2015: 1. The secret to laying successful foundations for…


Aussie Shipping Container Home Wins Design Awards


As shipping container homes increase in popularity they are starting to win awards around the world, including one smart looking shipping container home designed for a section in Bondi. Architectural Competition Concours d’Architecture have a bit of a love affair with shipping container buildings and cargotecture in their monthly design competitions. In late 2013 Architectural Competition Concours d’Architecture unveiled their…


Avoiding Distaster: 7 Common Shipping Container Building Mistakes And How To Prevent Them


Time and time again we say that shipping containers make an ideal building block for constructing new homes and offices. While this is true, there are always pitfalls and shortcomings of any building method or construction material. All too often people jump into shipping container projects without doing the proper research beforehand, and can run…