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The Gateway Gazette is the most informative and interesting shipping container blog online. Chock full of handy tips and tricks and insight from Australia’s leading container company on what’s new, used and modified in the shipping container industry.

Find out how containers can save you money, how to choose which modifications would best suit your needs, view container designs, see creative container uses and read about the latest container trends from around the world. Check out some of the articles to see why our team loves shipping containers!

Fine Art in a Container – Shipping Container Galleries Around the World


When you think of shipping containers, fine art isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind. But shipping container galleries are popping up more and more in the art world. Shipping containers make ideal pop up galleries due to their ease of transport to virtually any location, can easily be modified and prove to…


Shipping Containers: The Perfect Barn Solution for Aussie Farms


Are you an Aussie farmer in need of a quick and easy barn or storage solution? A shipping container is probably the fastest, most cost effective and reliable solution. Shipping container barns are springing up around the world and are at home as much on a sheep station as in the Aussie outback. If you’ve…


The Top 10 Shipping Container Articles on the Web

Shipping Containers Stacked

Look, we love to write articles about shipping containers, and think that we do an absolutely awesome job at it, but we aren’t the only ones doing really cool stuff with shipping containers. Here’s a look at some of what we think are the best shipping container articles and blogposts out there. The Top 10…


Physicist Builds a Supercomputer out of PS3s in a Refrigerated Shipping Container


It’s not every day you hear the words “shipping container”, “Playstation”, “military”, “computational astrophysics” and “supercomputer” in the same sentence, but strangely, that’s exactly what happened in one University and another Air Force base in the United States. A physicist named Ghuarav Khanna from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth had the bright idea to take…


Shipping Containers – The Ideal Obstacle Course Building Block


Obstacle courses are used in a wide variety of situations around the world, from corporate team building, to military training. Made up of challenging obstacles that you must run around, climb over, crawl under or navigate through, they are ideal for testing your physical and mental strength, and will power. As the popularity of ‘assault’…


How to Build Your Own Shipping Container Garage


Need somewhere safe to store your car or possessions but have limited space? With its modular shape and corrosive resistant steel fabric, second hand shipping containers make excellent affordable garages. At the most basic level they provide a lockable metal box for any expensive equipment, like that classic car or ride on mower, or they…


The Secret to Laying Successful Foundations for Shipping Containers


All over the world people and organisations are building small houses, community facilities, libraries and even promotional kiosks from shipping containers. Whereas setups like promotional kiosks are mobile, when you’re creating permanent structures from shipping containers a good foundation is critical. Whether you are building a workshop, an office or a house, the foundation carries…