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Find out how containers can save you money, how to choose which modifications would best suit your needs, view container designs, see creative container uses and read about the latest container trends from around the world. Check out some of the articles to see why our team loves shipping containers!

Container Studio Where Richard Fearless Makes Magic With Music


Death in Vegas’ Richard Fearless has a habit of leading the way in modern music. In his new shipping container based studio he has recently created his new solo album using his collection of synthesisers. Reminded he is not the only person on the planet late at night by the factories on this still-industrial length…


Shipping Container Watchtowers For Surf Lifesaving Clubs & Watersports


After much battling with local aesthetes the Seacliff Surf Life Saving Club in South Australia has had the plans approved for a new shipping container surf watchtower.  While not new, the idea is a good one.  For a relatively low cost the community organisation can get their lifeguards high enough to, not only watch the…


4 Years to Plan – 4 Months to Build a Shipping Container Home


  While building his shipping container home in downtown Hamilton in Canada might have only taken a few months, it took four years of battling bureaucrats to get to that point. Sometimes a town’s councillors are harder to crack than physically putting a building together! Bureaucracy baffles brains… Broadcaster and NGO professional Geoffrey Young wanted…


Abu Dhabi Beats the Heat With Air Conditioned Shipping Container Bus Shelters


In the fierce heat of the Gulf micro-state of Abu Dhabi standing outside for too long is ill-advised. Temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees C plus so you can sweat buckets as you wait for your bus. The Arab state authorities have long been installing air conditioned bus shelters around the country for the…


Boomerang Container Home in Wye River

Edwards stilts

Now for something that shipping container architecture does very well: a radical, stunning new home on stilts in Wye River, Victoria.  A weekend retreat with a difference Designed by Studio Edwards architects, this home consists of three, 20ft shipping containers that are in a boomerang shape, cantilevered on stilts on the hillside above the ocean. …


Nashville Goes Modular: 83 Freight Shipping Container Apartment Development


While famous for its music culture Nashville, Tennessee in the USA has much of the same problems with housing affordability as any city in the world. Broke up-and-coming musicians, for example, just can’t afford to live where the action is! The answer seems to be in modular shipping container construction.  83 Freight The 83 Freight…


Using Container Homes to Tackle UK Housing Inequality

REACH Homes 2

There’s a housing crisis in the United Kingdom with the wealthy forcing housing prices far above what ordinary people can afford. The solution in the eyes of Yorkshire based REACH Homes may well be in building ultra energy efficient, ultra affordable shipping container homes.  The UK housing crisis For several decades there has been a…


Shipping Container Pop Up Shops in Vancouver


One great thing about repurposed shipping containers is that they are almost endlessly versatile. As shown in The Shipping Container in Vancouver, Canada, the very same unit can have a variety of guises over time – this one is being converted several times into different pop up retail and food outlets.  The Shipping Container The…


Container Conversion: Brisbane Workers Cottage, 40 Jensen Road Banyo


A Brisbane workers cottage in the desirable suburb of Banyo has been converted into ultramodern shipping container architecture by a couple who rebuilt the place themselves using shipping containers. On the market for offers around $590,000, it is in just the right place for Brisbane airport staff and pilots as the local International airport is…