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Find out how containers can save you money, how to choose which modifications would best suit your needs, view container designs, see creative container uses and read about the latest container trends from around the world. Check out some of the articles to see why our team loves shipping containers!

Shipping Container Missile Systems: A Sneaky, Scary New Concept…


Imagine this: a rogue state has started causing security concerns to Israel or Russia. The rogue state has sophisticated weapon systems and air defence systems that make traditional punishment strikes by the air force difficult. A container ship travels innocuously off the coast of the rogue state, and its top stack of containers open their…


China Takes Steps to Make Containers More Environmentally Friendly


China’s government has made a move to reduce the environmental impact of shipping containers. This has temporarily ceased 70% of new container production and will put the price up on new containers. The good thing is that those workers making the containers won’t be exposed to dangerously high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in…


Detroit’s Shipping Container Restaurant Complex: Good Food, No Chains….


Chain food restaurants and eateries that claim to cook multiple cuisines both have something in common – the food is OK but often nothing to write home about. A trio of entrepreneurs in Detroit, Michigan have come up with a solution to this – a shipping container complex of local restaurants serving their own specialised…


How Shipping Containers Changed the World


As you read this, more than 20 million shipping containers are plying the world’s oceans. We see them everywhere, whether as rusting storage sheds, beautiful mansions or on the highways and motorways of the world as they go from customer to seaport. Less than a lifetime ago, shipping containers were only a concept, yet due…


Could Shipping Container Farms Save Humanity?


Tesla and SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk said in late 2016, there are two ‘fundamental paths’ humanity can take: “One is that we stay on Earth forever and then there will be an inevitable extinction event,” he said. “The alternative is to become a spacefaring civilisation, and a multi-planetary species.” Musk has taken the first step…


Shipping Container Holiday Inn Opens in UK


Shipping container architecture has a number of great benefits that can result in a high quality building fitted out to top standards and built in very little time indeed. The Holiday Inn chain recognised this and built a 220 room Holiday Inn Express beside an exhibition and entertainment venue in Manchester, England, that was due to…


SideArm: Bringing Fire to the Enemy in a Shipping Container


Whatever you think of the United States projecting their strength around the world, they sometimes come up with some pretty cool gadgets to make this happen. The US military research lab DARPA’s newest toy is the SideArm, a launching and recovery system for unmanned drones, that fits inside the footprint of a 20ft shipping container…


Mobile Shipping Container Classroom Teaches Children About Ocean Conservation


Shipping containers are used in a variety of ways according to their strengths. In many cases, it comes down to the fact that they are a portable space, and this means that they can be repurposed into classrooms. They are secure as well, meaning that while moving the classroom around, organisations using them can keep…


A Shipping Container Drone Racing Arena


Earlier this year a London architectural company called Studioshaw won a design competition to construct a multi-use facility for young people that will be built of shipping containers. The site will be in Dundee, Scotland and is designed to support the town’s growing computer game production industry which is seeing a major boom as creatives move…