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Why Shipping Container Architecture Gets A Big Tick In Our Book


Surfing the internet you will find a bit of a rebellion taking place among certain factions of architects. Since around 2011 a growing number of them have been questioning the benefits of shipping container architecture. While they have some strong arguments we at Gateway Container Sales aren’t in full agreement. Let’s look at their reasons…

Aussie Shipping Container Home Wins Design Awards


As shipping container homes increase in popularity they are starting to win awards around the world, including one smart looking shipping container home designed for a section in Bondi. Architectural Competition Concours d’Architecture have a bit of a love affair with shipping container buildings and cargotecture in their monthly design competitions. In late 2013 Architectural Competition Concours d’Architecture unveiled their…

The Top 10 Shipping Container Articles on the Web

Shipping Containers Stacked

Look, we love to write articles about shipping containers, and think that we do an absolutely awesome job at it, but we aren’t the only ones doing really cool stuff with shipping containers. Here’s a look at some of what we think are the best shipping container articles and blogposts out there. The Top 10…