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Stand Out Shipping Container Hotels in Australia and Beyond

Stand Out Shipping Container Hotels in Australia and Beyond

Here at the Gateway Gazette we love to show you the best that has been done with shipping containers. Today we’ll have a jaunt around the globe to see four of the most outstanding shipping container hotels in the world.  Let’s start here in Australia with the Hougoumont hotel in Fremantle, drop by Contained in…

Spotlight on Portable Shipping Container Hotels


Two companies, one in India and the other in the UK have found a novel application for shipping container conversions – as portable hotels. They can be used for a variety of purposes, near major construction sites where staff need to be housed close to the site, music festivals, or just semi permanent hotels near…

Top Shipping Container Hotels from Around the World


Chances are that when you are thinking of your next holiday, a shipping container is the last thing on your mind. But for some intrepid (and luxury) holiday makers, this is exactly where they will be sleeping. Shipping containers are popping up all around the world as funky, multicoloured accommodation at every price point. It…