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Boomerang Container Home in Wye River

Boomerang Container Home in Wye River

Now for something that shipping container architecture does very well: a radical, stunning new home on stilts in Wye River, Victoria.  A weekend retreat with a difference Designed by Studio Edwards architects, this home consists of three, 20ft shipping containers that are in a boomerang shape, cantilevered on stilts on the hillside above the ocean. …

Local Officialdom Meets Shipping Container Architecture


Here at Gateway Container Sales we love shipping container architecture! Shipping containers are a quick, cheap, effective and environmentally sustainable way of building new homes. Not everyone thinks like us. Councils around the world are the ultimate arbiters of whether you will end up building your shipping container home, and sadly this won’t always happen….

Luxury Shipping Container Houses: How Much Would You Spend on a Container Home?


Over the last few years we at Gateway Container Sales have written a lot about various types of shipping container homes. They are renowned for being cheap and easy to build, with much of the work done off site before the containers are effectively dropped into position and fitted together. Where low cost high density…

ZieglerBuild’s Unique Shipping Container Home


After his house was affected by the Brisbane floods, builder Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild set about a massive construction project of the scale that belongs in TV shows such as grand designs. Alongside his artist wife, he designed, planned and built the largest shipping container home in Australia, a mansion style property constructed from 31 individual…

Shipping Container Conversions – 7 Steps To Make Your Dream Home


Modern, green architecture has evolved into using alternative methods and structures rarely thought of as suitable living quarters before. Many people are now looking at shipping container conversions as a way of building modern, eco-friendly homes. Twenty or forty feet long, eight feet wide, and about eight feet high in general, shipping container conversions can…