If You Have Taken Care Of Your Container, We Can Buy It Back From You!

At Gateway we realise that your shipping container needs may change. This is why we have a simple, industry leading buy-back policy.

Buy Back Policy

We will buy back the shipping container that was originally supplied by Gateway at 60% of the original purchase costs (subject to condition), less the appropriate transportation costs, allowing you to get the best out of your container investment.

Of course we’d appreciate nothing more than to keep you as part of the Gateway family – after all our satisfied customers are our greatest asset, so if you’re considering upgrading or simply need a new container, Gateway is here to help!

You are welcome to review our complete Terms and Conditions for more detail.


1. Do your research on price & type – we encourage this as we’re able to price match.

2. Go straight to the supplier or owner. – Gateway is one of few companies who can purchase containers direct from the shipping lines, this provides us the greatest variety, quality and shortest turnaround.

3. Time it right – End of year or the New year can be a more expensive time to buy furniture containers as it’s moving season.

4. Get a guarantee of condition – know what you expect to be delivered, feel free to come into sales office to see our containers first hand (be warned it can be dusty!).

Gateway Containers Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction when it comes to their container purchase service and product deliverable.