Ensuring Your Containers Are Safe, Compliant, and Ready for Transport

CSC Container Inspection and Certification Services

At Gateway Containers, we’re excited to introduce our latest offering – CSC inspection and certification services. With our expert team, ensure your containers are structurally sound and compliant with international shipping standards.

What We Offer

Our CSC inspection and certification process involves a thorough examination of your container’s frames, walls, roof, and doors. We ensure every component is structurally sound and meets the stringent standards required for rail and overseas transportation. Additionally, we check that all necessary decals and identification numbers are present and legible on all sides of the container.


  • 12-Month Valid Certification: Our certification guarantees your container is fit for shipping for a full year from the inspection date.
  • Peace of Mind: Transport your container via rail or overseas with the assurance of a professional inspection and certification.
  • Compliance Assurance: With our service, your container will meet all legal requirements for transportation.

For transportation via rail or sea, it’s essential that containers possess a valid certified data plate. This certification can only be updated by a certified IICL Inspector, ensuring your container meets all legal standards.
Our pricing is competitive and value-focused. While we offer a fixed price for passed certifications within a 30km range, additional charges apply for longer distances and extra services, such as decal replacement.
Ensure your container’s safety and compliance. Book an inspection with our certified inspectors or enquire with our sales team for more information.