Shipping Container Sizes & Specifications

The figures listed below give the typical dimensions and weights for shipping containers, with links to those we offer for sale. Slight variations in container specifications may occur from these figures, so please consult your Gateway Container sales representative if you require exact measurements.

Typical Shipping Container Dimensions

ExteriorInteriorDoor Opening
10ft Standard Dry Container304.8 cm243.84 cm259.08 cm279.4 cm231.14 cm236.22 cm233.68 cm226.06 cm
20ft Standard Dry Container609.6 cm243.84 cm259.08 cm586.74 cm233.68 cm238.44 cm233.68 cm226.06 cm
40ft Standard Dry Container1219.2 cm243.84 cm259.08 cm1201.42 cm233.68 cm238.44 cm233.68 cm226.06 cm
40ft High Cube Dry Container1219.2 cm243.84 cm289.56 cm1201.42 cm233.68 cm269.24 cm233.68 cm257.81 cm
45ft High Cube
Dry Container
1371.6 cm243.84 cm289.56 cm1353.82 cm233.68 cm269.24 cm233.68 cm257.81 cm
48ft High Cube
Dry Container
1463.04 cm259.08 cm289.56 cm1445.26 cm248.92 cm271.78 cm248.92 cm269.24 cm
53ft High Cube
Dry Container
1615.44 cm259.08 cm289.56 cm1597.66 cm248.92 cm271.78 cm248.92 cm269.24 cm
20ft Refrigerated Container605.79 cm243.84 cm259.08 cm546.1 cm228.6 cm228.6 cm226.06 cm220.98 cm
40ft Refrigerated Container1219.2 cm243.84 cm259.08 cm1155.7 cm228.6 cm228.6 cm228.6 cm228.60 cm
40ft High Cube
Refrigerated Container
1219.2 cm243.84 cm289.56 cm1155.7 cm228.6 cm254.cm228.6 cm254 cm

Typical Shipping Container Weights / Capacity

Cubic CapacityTare Weight (kgs)Max Gross (kgs)Max Payload (kgs)
10ft Standard Dry Container15.857 m31,20010,1608,960
20ft Standard Dry Container33.150 m32,15024,00021,850
40ft Standard Dry Container67.700 m33,80030,48026,680
40ft High Cube Dry Container76.300 m34,02030,48026,460
45ft High Cube Dry Container86.168 m34,59032,50027,910
48ft High Cube Dry Container97.806 m35,14030,48025,340
53ft High Cube Dry Container109.218 m34,71030,48025,770
20ft Refrigerated Container29.900 m33,03030,48027,450
40ft Refrigerated Container60.000 m34,60034,00029,400
40ft High Cube Refrigerated
67.800 m34,64030,48025,480

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