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Buying or hiring a shipping container doesn’t need to be difficult. We have provided a handy list of our most commonly asked questions, if there is anything you think we missed, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales team


Our standard containers are available in 3 lengths; 10ft, 20ft & 40ft. There are also mini containers available. Other sizes can be custom-built to your exact specifications. Click here for further information Gateway’s container products or review our complete list of container specifications for more sizing detail.

We can often deliver within 24 hours of ordering. Delivery time depends on product availability, the number of storage containers you need, what kind of accessories or modifications you may require and where you are. A member of the Gateway team will give you a definite delivery date and time when you place your order. Find out more about delivery options.

Payment due prior to delivery. Means of payment include cheque, cash, direct credit or by EFT (Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard).

Gateway containers are built tough, for tough Australian conditions. Our containers are engineered from heavy gauge Corten steel. Most containers are fully lockable, wind, water and vermin proof. For additional security we offer modifications that will ensure your container’s contents stay safe and secure.

At Gateway we are committed to providing quality products, customer satisfaction and great value. We view our customers as partners and we’ll go the extra mile to meet your individual requirements, whether it’s prompt delivery, complex modifications, branding or simply making sure that your container solution makes perfect sense. Read about our 9 competitive advantages to see more!

Of course we also offer the industry leading Gateway guarantee on all of our containers, accessories and modifications – for your peace of mind.

  1. New – Factory direct from Asia, your new container has been shipped to Australia containing cargo, in order to reduce shipping costs. These new units are often referred to as “one-way” new builds.
  2. A Grade – Previously used, but in good condition and suitable for furniture or archive storage. Average age of unit would be 10-12 years.
  3. Cargo Worthy – Previously used and typically sold in “as is” condition. These containers are fresh out of service from shipping lines, and will be in a wind and watertight / cargo worthy condition.  These containers can be certified (upon request, charges will apply) for international shipment, or for local rail use. Cargo Worthy units are secure (can be fitted with a lock box for added peace of mind) and are a good choice when practicality and budget override presentation.

At Gateway, we class the majority of our containers as either New, A Grade or Cargo Worthy rather than as the blanket “B Grade” class (offered by most resellers) which is not always an accurate representation of what your container will be. If you have any more questions on the differences between the containers, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Example Containers

A Grade Painted A-grade-painted
Cargo Worthy b-grade
Cargo Worthy b-grade-typical

Containers are available for purchase with almost any container available for short or long term hire.

20ft containers can hold about 24 to 33 m3. and are usually enough space for a 1 to 2 bedroom household or 1 vehicle with a few, small-sized household goods.  While 40ft containers can hold about 52 to 62 m3 and are usually reserved for 3 to 5 bedroom households or 1 vehicle and a 2 bedroom household. See our full container specifications page for more details.

We offer fixed pricing for certifications within a 30km radius. However, additional costs may apply for longer distances and additional services like decal replacements.

CSC certification is legally required for transporting containers via rail or sea. It ensures your container is safe and compliant with international shipping standards.

A CSC (Container Safety Convention) inspection is a comprehensive check to ensure a shipping container is structurally sound and safe for transportation via rail or sea. It includes inspecting the container’s frame, walls, roof, doors, and decals.

Below are our top tips for packing your shipping container for storage and transportation:

  • Golden Rule: Heavy items on the bottom, lighter items on top
  • Try to distribute the weight of the contents evenly throughout the container
  • Use the lugs (steel loops at the top and bottom of the container) to secure any movable contents with strapping (criss-cross works well)
  • Protect your furniture by wrapping in blankets or plastics
  • All electrical equipment should be clean, dry and secure: electrical cords taped to appliance, doors securely closed
  • Strap together any longer loose items eg. garden tools, cleaning equipment
  • Drain any liquids prior to storage – eg. petrol from mowers
  • Disconnect all batteries
  • Don’t overload your smaller boxes (eg. bulging sides or overflowing from the top), this makes stacking much more difficult
  • Reinforce the bottom of your boxes with extra packing tape
  • Use smaller items to pack in between the larger boxes
  • *Recommendation: Make an inventory list as you pack and label/number your boxes to easily find items at a later stage

There are some items you shouldn’t store in a shipping container and these include;

  • Hazardous items
  • Dangerous goods
  • Illegal goods
  • Stolen goods
  • Perishables unless suitable for storage in the wine storage area
  • Environmentally harmful goods
  • Explosives

Check out this YouTube video for more tips on how to maximise the space in your container.


Yes, we offer decal replacement services at an additional cost of $1.50 + GST per decal if they are missing or unreadable.

If a container fails the inspection, a call out and inspection fee will be charged. We will advise on necessary repairs or modifications to meet the certification standards.

The CSC certification from Gateway Containers is valid for 12 months from the inspection date.

Of course. We know that your requirements may change, so Gateway operates a no hassle buy-back program. We will buy back your container at a rate of 60% of the original cost, subject to condition and transport costs incurred to collect the container.

Each council has its own rulings on shipping containers therefore it is recommended that you give your local council a call before making a purchase or committing to a hire. If you need to know more then give us a call on  07 3348 6463 and we will be able to point you in the right direction to get more information.

Customers are invoiced on a monthly billing cycle. Payment can be made by credit card or direct debit. Call us (07 3348 6463) to discuss other payment structures – we’re here to help.

Simply contact us and we will arrange pick-up from your specified location.

Not an issue! Our qualified and experienced team know how to assist you in finding the best container solution. We’ll help structure a solution for your unique needs depending on how long you need your container, as well as what sorts of accessories and modifications you might require. Let’s have a chat. Simply call us on (07) 3348 6463.

Call from anywhere in Australia on 07 3348 6463 for information on our great range of new, used and refurbished containers for hire or outright purchase. Our team is ready to help out with any questions you might have. Alternatively you can always use our online enquiry form and we will contact you within 24 hours.