Affordable Shipping Container Hire from $24.50 per week ($3.50 +GST per day) for 33m3 of space!

We offer the best rates in town when it comes to affordable onsite and offsite storage solutions. We offer affordable packages tailored to meet your storage needs for:

  • residential customers
  • small businesses
  • those operating in the container industry

We buy direct from the shipping lines and carry hundreds of containers in our depot which allows us to provide you with the fastest turnaround and largest range to meet your self storage requirements and budget. Gateway Containers also customises storage containers to suit your unique storing requirements. If you have bulkier items to store, we can supply a larger container. You can also choose from our standard ISO sizes:

10ft Container

20ft Red Shipping Container

20ft Container

10ft Blue Shipping Container

40ft Container

40ft Orange Shipping Container

Gateway containers are dry, safe and vermin proof, ideal for a range of storage items such as:

  • long term car storage
  • household effects
  • business documents
  • boats

You can even hire refrigerated storage containers for cold storage!

We understand that every client is different and as a storage solution provider, we pride ourselves in offering a tailored product and service. Whether you need to hire shipping containers for your home renovating project, moving, or downsizing, we can give you the necessary containers to store all your goods.


Benefits of Using a Shipping Container Storage in Brisbane

Using shipping containers for your storage needs comes with a stack of benefits such as:

  • Shipping containers are less then half the price of a standard self storage unit making them a cost effective solution for short term storage needs
  • Only pay for what you need (minimum 30 days)
  • Minimises outlay of capital
  • Hassle free removal at the end of the rental period
  • Specialised modified containers available (longer minimum periods)
  • Containers are of a high quality for trouble free operation making them both weather and vermin proof
  • Shipping containers are transportable making a great mobile storage solution that can be delivered to your site, you can pack it within your time frame and we’ll pick it up and store it at our container park or transport to anywhere in Australia.

Car Storage in Brisbane? Our Shipping Containers Can Store It!

Cheap Garage / Portable Carport made from a shipping containerDid you know a 20ft container with 33 m3 of internal space can be used to move or store the contents of an average 2-3 bedroom home? Jump up a size and a 40ft container at 67 m3 can be used to move or store the contents of an average 4-5 bedroom home!

There are plenty of uses for containers such as long term car storage; Here’s an idea – drive your car into a container at our depot to keep it safe and snug from break-ins or theft. Going overseas for a few weeks? Don’t worry about hail damage this storm season, containers are a great low cost solution to keeping your car safe and dent free.

One of our staff was looking into carport kits & portable carports for daily protection of her pride and joy while at work then had a brain wave – she bought and modified her own container!

The possibilities are endless, check out these ideas from accommodation solutions to guerrilla marketing:

Why Choose Gateway Containers for your Shipping Container Rental?

  1. We are Container wholesalers servicing some of the largest global shipping and logistics companies

  2. Container transport & delivery servicing local and national

  3. Solutions for family renovation, moving, down-sizing

  4. Container Solutions for small business storage, retail etc.

  5. Leaders in Container Engineering, Modification and Customisation

  6. Customers can design whatever they want for their container

  7. Best price guaranteed

Read more about the Gateway Difference.

Brisbane Container Self Storage Facilities

Brisbane Container Self Storage Facilities

Located in Hemmant, we’re only 20 mins from Brisbane CBD.

Gateway Container Park
Address: 102 Gosport St, Hemmant QLD 4174
Phone:(07) 3348 6566

Is Gateway self storage container a good solution for you?

Gateway Container Park processes hundreds of containers daily and our depot is not suitable for regular access to your container. Access can be provided with 24 hrs notice however this may be subject to a lift in / lift out fee. Fees range from $30 for a 20ft to $45 for a 40ft.

Our container storage park is better suited to storage items which you do not need to regularly access to, such as longer term storage or a temporary holding ground for projects/moving. If the following items don’t worry you then our on site self storage sounds like a good fit:

  • Containers must be packed off site: transport costs start from $120 delivered empty and $180 returned full
  • Recommended for customers that don’t require regular access
  • Accessing your container may be subject to lift in lift out fees
  • Opening your container in the park will subject the contents to the elements such as dust
  • Goods are stored at your sole risk. You should take out insurance cover
  • Your container will only be accessible during set access hours of 8am to 4pm provided 24 hrs notice is provided
  • There is a minimum hire period of one month
  • Max weight: 6 tons (our depot forklifts max lift weight). A 20ft general purpose container has a tare weight of 2.2 tons.

Payment Methods

credit-cardAll payments are to be made in advance by you and are invoiced on a monthly basis. Invoices are sent directly to your nominated email or mailing address from your ‘on hire’ date. Please note that it is company policy for transport costs (to and from) to be paid upfront prior to the containers release.

Payment options include:

  • direct deposit (EFT)
  • credit card payment
  • cheque

Any additional fees such as lift in/lift out or transport fees from the previous month will be added to your following invoice along with the monthly fee.

The All Important Paperwork

If you would like to get your container hire underway, please find below the downloadable forms we need you to complete and return via fax to: 07 3893 0794

Read our full terms and conditions.

If you want to know more about Gateway’s Self Storage units, or would like a quotation on Gateway’s value for money storage options , then check out our online enquiry form. One of our knowledgeable sales team will get back to you within 24 hours. Or simply give us a call on 07 3348 6463 for an immediate response to your enquiry.

Onsite Storage Prices (Container Hire + Storage)


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