Container Insulation

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Gateway specialises in insulated containers for use in a wide variety of Australian conditions. Popular for both temperature sensitive storage and container modification for accommodation and office space.

  • Both used and new 20ft & 40ft insulated containers available
  • Solid steel structural components
  • Recycled refrigerated container or insulated general purpose container options
  • General purpose containers fitted with Marine Ply flooring
  • Non-Operating refrigerated containers have stainless inner walls with aluminium flooring
  • Standard double doors
  • Full 270 degree opening
This is covered by our Gateway Guarantee™
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  • Certification of containers is available to our clients at no additional charge when ordering.
  • For an additional charge A CSC (Container Safety Convention) Safety approval Certificate can be provided for customers requiring overseas shipment.
  • Whether you’re railing the container interstate or shipping overseas our I.I.C.L.certified inspectors can assist.

Features and Use

Gateway insulated shipping containers are used to protect your stored goods from extreme variations in temperature. Blazing sun or freezing nighttime conditions can damage your gods, either while they are in storage or being transported. With Gateway Insulated Containers goods stay safe and fresh, no matter what the outside conditions.

Gateway has both used and new 20ft insulated containers and 40ft insulated containers available. We can also modify containers to your specifications and supply lock boxes and other additional security modifications to ensure that your container is secure from vandals.

Common Applications: 

  • florists
  • fresh produce markets
  • office space
  • housing/accommodation modifications


Interior Length (mm) 5,446 -5,456
Interior Width (mm) 2,268-2,290
Interior Height (mm) 2,260-2,284
Door Opening Width (mm) 2,290
Door Opening Height (mm) 2,264-2,265
Load Capacity (m³) 28.2
Container Weight (kg) 2,860-3,100
Max. Load Weight (kg) 27,380-27,620

Compare Container Specifications (table above based on standard 20ft reefer)


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