Container Security

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Gateway supplies padlocks installed to prevent the doors from opening and prevent unwanted access. We also offer a range of specialised padlocks which are designed to be used on new build containers with:

  • sliding bolt locks
  • slim line lock boxes
  • additional lock for the doors
  • lock box and regular padlock
  • window security bars
  • emergency exit signage
  • access doors


This is covered by our Gateway Guarantee™
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  • Certification of containers is available to our clients at no additional charge when ordering.
  • For an additional charge A CSC (Container Safety Convention) Safety approval Certificate can be provided for customers requiring overseas shipment.
  • Whether you’re railing the container interstate or shipping overseas our I.I.C.L.certified inspectors can assist.

Features and Use

Padlocks provide an extra layer of security, protecting valuable contents and giving you peace of mind. The sliding bolt action on the specialised padlocks available from Gateway prevents the lock from being cut by bolt cutters. These container locks are also suitable for use on rail.

  • lock box can also be fitted to both new and used containers
  • lock box is a device that covers the padlock on the shipping container door

We also supply window security bars to prevent unauthorised entry and add another layer of security to your Gateway container.


Tare Weight 2250 Kg
Payload 28230 Kg
Gross Weight 30480 Kg
Internal Dimensions 5900 mm long x 2312 mm wide x 2400 mm high
External Dimensions 6100 mm long x 2400 mm wide x 2600 mm high

Compare Container Specifications (table above is based on a standard 20ft container)


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