Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping Container Modifications in Brisbane

We can make your awesome idea into reality. From applying company branding to building a unique accommodation container solution or providing a one-of-a-kind storage solution we can make it happen. We specialise in the modification of shipping containers for a wide variety of applications, guaranteed. In fact the only limit is your imagination. Gateway is a class leader in improving security, prolonging the life span of used containers and even adding features that increase comfort.

Shipping Container Conversions Available: Onsite Workshop

Keeping your shipping containers in good working condition is possible with a shipping container conversion. When compared to other options, these can be more cost effective and in addition, increase the value of the containers if you plan to sell them in the future. We specialize in shipping container modification to make them your perfect space. Whether it’s for an office, workshop, ablution block or accommodation we can create something that suits your needs perfectly.

Benefits of Custom Shipping Containers for your Business

The benefits of custom shipping containers for your business are numerous.

  • Reduces costs associated with transportation and office space;
  • Provides a more sophisticated, corporate image for your business or organization;
  • Uniquely constructed by you to meet specific needs of the product design process.
  • Adds value to used containers, making them worth more when they need to be sold in future years.
  • Secure Storage Facility – Provides an effective way that reduces freight cost as well as improving security at facilities
  • Improves productivity on site thereby increasing efficiency through increased storage capacity and better accessibility around the workplace.
  • Safe working environment from natural disasters due to strong steel constructions

Modified Shipping Containers for sale

Check out our huge range of converted shipping containers! We’re here for all your modified shipping container needs! We have a wide selection of quality shipping containers for every business need. From quality container modifications and conversions to used containers for sale, we are the shipping container specialists.

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