Flat Racks

Flat rack containers are available in 20ft and 40ft container sizes in both fixed-end and collapsible wall configurations, designed for cost-effective transport of heavy cargo.

Flat Rack Shipping Containers are ideal for shipping oversized items such as:
Heavy machinery
Large industrial parts
Construction materials
Gateway flat racks are available in a number of configurations, including:

Fixed-End Flat Rack Containers – provides additional load security for items such as pipes.
Flat Collapsible Wall Container – designed to provide the same as above – the ends can be collapsed to allow easy stacking for transport of multiple empty units saving in transport costs.
Flush Folding Flat Rack – incorporate the advantages of both 1 & 2 – the end walls collapse into the frame allowing for large machinery and other bulky material to be loaded directly over the collapsed ends – designed for over dimensional loads.
What is the Use of a Flat Rack Container?
Gateway offers a range of flat rack containers for sale to suit the needs and budgets of any organisation. These products are popular due to their flexibility, ease-of use and low cost maintenance. In addition, they offer sufficient space for volume orders meaning businesses can save on storage costs when compared with traditional stackable shipping containers. Usage examples include:

Vehicles – Flat racks provide large vehicles like trucks with protection from all angles enabling them to be moved without needing ramps or other expensive equipment such as forklifts which would normally be required in order to avoid damage during loading/unloading procedures
Heavy machinery – Heavy machinery is often stored inside a flat rack container while it is waiting for shipment overseas due to its potential exposure to rain or snow at the destination.
Large industrial parts – Industrial parts are frequently stored inside flat rack containers to protect them from exposure.
Construction materials – Storing materials used for construction within flat rack containers has many benefits including saving space, protecting the material from dirt and dust and reducing heavy lifting associated with stacking materials.
Benefits of using a Flat Rack Shipping Container
Flat racks don’t require ramps which eliminates the need for costly equipment and makes it a viable option for businesses that want to save on storage costs, especially if they have heavy machinery or large industrial parts waiting shipment overseas
They offer sufficient space with multiple deck levels making them ideal for volume orders meaning business can save on storage costs when compared with traditional stackable shipping containers such as ISO tanks
Improved visibility means improved safety in general because workers from all angles will be able to see incoming traffic while unloading their vehicles from within the container, improving security at loading/unload areas. This is especially true when the container is situated on company property or a warehouse.
Flat racks can be used as dry goods storage and come equipped with shelving
Standard container units include forklift pockets, plywood decking, an open top design (for easy loading) and roof hatches which provide natural light in dark spaces
Unlike traditional stackable shipping containers such as ISO tanks that require ramps, flat racks have no need for expensive equipment making them more affordable than other solutions
This means less space required at both your facility’s load/unload area and warehouse floor space meaning more room available for additional operations while retaining
Flat Rack Containers for Sale
Standard flat rack shipping containers come in 20ft and 40ft. Flat racks are an alternative option for storage containers that offer many of the same benefits but without the requirement of expensive ramps.

For a full listing of flat rack shipping container types, simply view our online range which will make choosing your ideal container solution easier than ever before or call one of our container solutions experts on 07 3063 4756.

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