Tool and Material Storage

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Running out of space in your warehouse or workshop? Our Tool and Material Storage containers are the perfect solution. These containers provide secure and weather-resistant storage for tools and materials of all sizes. They can be customised with features such as shelving, lighting, and ventilation, ensuring that your tools and materials are easily accessible and protected from the elements.

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  • Certification of containers is available to our clients at no additional charge when ordering.
  • For an additional charge A CSC (Container Safety Convention) Safety approval Certificate can be provided for customers requiring overseas shipment.
  • Whether you’re railing the container interstate or shipping overseas our I.I.C.L.certified inspectors can assist.

Features and Use

Our Tool and Material Storage containers are ideal for businesses in various industries, such as construction, manufacturing, and mining, that need additional storage space for tools and materials. Available in various sizes, our containers can be modified to suit your specific requirements.

These shipping containers provide a secure and weather-resistant storage solution for tools and materials, protecting them from damage caused by exposure to the elements. They are customisable to meet your storage needs, with options such as shelving, lighting, and ventilation to ensure that your tools and materials are easily accessible.


Tare Weight 2250 Kg
Payload 28230 Kg
Gross Weight 30480 Kg
Internal Dimensions 5900 mm long x 2312 mm wide x 2400 mm high
External Dimensions 6100 mm long x 2400 mm wide x 2600 mm high

Compare Container Specifications (table above based on 20ft Standard Container)


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