Shipping Container Use – Four You Haven’t Thought Of

Despite what many people may think, shipping containers are not just for shipping. They provide a flexible and convenient space for a number of other activities. As our lives become increasingly cluttered, a Gateway shipping container can provide the space and storage solutions to meet your individual needs. So whether you’re looking to buy, hire or modify; here’s five innovative uses for storage containers that you may not have thought of before:

Shipping Container Use: – 4 You Probably Haven’t Considered:

Shipping Container Use #1: Granny Flat

A shipping container can provide the perfect environment for a small temporary granny flat. While most of us would consider a modular home to be a common shipping container use, we tend to overlook the more obvious idea of a granny flat out the back! Shipping Container homes can be fitted with all the necessary plumbing, electrical and ventilation instillations of a regular home but at a fraction of the cost. A container home is perfect for visiting relatives, friends or short stay international students. It provides the comfort and privacy of a self contained unit, while still offering the convenience of proximity to the home.

Our containers can come bare or pre modified for accommodation use, and can be purchased or hired depending on your individual circumstances.

Shipping Container Use #2: Cubby House

Want to offer the children a private getaway but don’t have the time or skills to build them a tree house? Hire a Gateway shipping container for the perfect cubby house space to call their own. They don’t have to be massive, shipping containers come in a wide variety of sizes with a 10 foot container being the perfect size for the kids (or kids at heart!)

It’s still within the safe confines of your property but it’s out of the way of the main home, so as to avoid unwanted noise or mess. You can even let your children decorate the cubby house as they please, with a range of temporary wall coverings and layout designs.

Shipping Container Use #3: Music Studio

Want to nurture the musician in the family but can’t stand the excessive noise? Sound proof your Gateway shipping container you can provide the perfect space for music jams or band practice without giving up your living room or garage. Your budding musician can practice in private within the confines of their very own music studio and you can get the peace and quiet you need to get on with your day. Got expensive equipment? Never fear, we can even custom build added security to keep your prized instruments safely stored when not in use!

Shipping Container Use #4: Man Cave

Just like women, men need their space. If you constantly find yourself in arguments over the remote, why not give him a space to watch footy in peace with his very own Gateway shipping container man cave. He can drink beer and play pool with his friends and you can get on with more important things – like watching season eight of Grey’s Anatomy. Customise it anyway you like, with shelving, security – even a gun safe!  How would you create the ultimate urban man cave?

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So whatever your space and storage needs; if you can think it up, the team at Gateway Containers can make it a reality. Browse their wide range of design options online or call them on (07) 3348 6463 for a free no-obligations quote and get moving with Gateway Containers today.

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