Shipping Container Offices: The Ultimate Work-at-Home Solution

With many of us working from home due to the global pandemic, space and privacy is an issue. How do we achieve the same standards that we would in the workplace? Could it be time to think outside the box and use a converted shipping container as a home office?

3 Reasons to Have a Shipping Container Home Office

Until only last year, many of us had our homes and workplaces as separate entities. Our homes had enough space for our families to coexist comfortably with living, entertainment, sleeping and eating spaces. Work was a place you travelled to with the amenities for efficient output – desks, telecoms, communal eating spaces – and other necessary things to keep us productive.

1. Your safety and health are of paramount importance

The world has changed, possibly forever. Now you don’t know who might be breathing on you at work, and for the employer, outbreaks of COVID-19 are bad for the output of the company.

Thousands of us have had to work from home for the sake of ourselves and our employers. However, common options for working from home might not be optimised for health. Without a dedicated studio space, granny flat, or spare bedroom, employees who move to work from home can be prone to:

  • Poor lighting from improper light fixtures
  • No sunlight from lack of window/s
  • Poor airflow from air-conditioning that was installed prior to work from home considerations
  • And, even quality of life considerations like distance from the coffee machine, space for ergonomic office furniture etc.

2. You have more free time

By having a separate, secure, dedicated home office we can avoid the dramas and actions of family life and, instead of commuting to our workplace miles away, head outside and commute a much shorter distance to the garden instead.

3. Work at a high level of efficiency

With Zoom, telecoms and a dedicated office, we can work at the intensity and efficiency our employers wish us to – a win/win situation. Yes, it is also tax-efficient to set up a home office too, putting more money in our wallets for time with our families!

Benefits of a Shipping Container Workspace

Not all of us have the budget for a fully wired up, bespoke outside office. A dedicated office built from scratch with its foundations, long delivery time and overall expense can be cost prohibitive. That’s why there are more benefits to using a shipping container as a home office.

Shipping container home offices have the following advantages:

  • Low relative cost compared to bricks and mortar buildings
  • Provides extra storage space for office equipment
  • Secure, having been built to withstand the rough world of international, multimodal trade
  • Easily fitted out with affordable or high-end furniture depending on your budget
  • Built off-site and can be dropped onto cheap, yet secure, foundations
  • Mobile, they can be moved with you should you choose to move house
  • Can be quickly delivered after you have designed and ordered it
  • Great resale if you decide you no longer require it and would prefer the space back!

What it takes to convert a shipping container into an office space

If you want to see just what is possible with a professional shipping container office conversion, check out this short video:

When converting a standard shipping container into a portable office, we need to work through a few steps. Depending on the size of the cargo container, our team will need to insert windows and doors. They will also be required to build insulation as well.

The entire process can take from one to three weeks, depending on the size of the container and the complexity of your requirements. Our team can even help you design a custom layout for your container office that meets your needs.

If you’d like to jump the queue and talk pricing for your specific needs simply get in contact with our sales team at Gateway Containers today and we can help you design and fit-out the shipping container home office to your requirements!

Things to think about with shipping container office conversion

Here is a list of things you should consider when calling to discuss your shipping container home office:

  • How much space do you really need? Even if you have a PA they will likely be working from home too, so it might just be your workstation, a comfortable chair and coffee making facilities. In that case, a 20ft shipping container might be all you need. If your spouse wants the same and works in a different workplace, you could split a 40ft container into two spaces (with or without a door between.)
  • New or used? Even a five-year-old used cargo container will be vermin and weatherproof yet will cost significantly less than a new container.
  • What do you want in the container? Windows naturally increase the cost, but it’s unhealthy to not get natural light – smaller windows are cheaper, and insulation will keep the heat and cold out and minimise energy bills. You’ll likely want telecoms and electricity for power and lighting. Do you want it painted outside and inside to your own requirements?
  • Price and delivery. Shipping containers are in higher demand in some parts of the year than others. Ahead of the Christmas shopping season, they can cost more than in January/February when world trade slows. Here at Gateway Containers, we can offer an all-in price for the container, conversion and delivery, which is more convenient than using three parties to achieve the desired result.

Shipping container office ideas

Do you need some inspiration to see just how amazing a shipping container office can be? Check out these creative ways people use their steel boxes as offices.

Stylish and modern

Keep it simple with some classic colours and a few different materials in your next compact workspace. This modern designed portable building has heavy duty wood grain pattern vinyl flooring, classic office chair and desk, reverse cycle air conditioning.

Instead of aluminium windows, this design has opted for a glass entrance with sliding double doors. The custom exterior adds a modern touch to the contemporary workspace, removing almost any evidence of its past life.

A perfect oasis

Shipping container? Where? This amazing workspace could be one building project away from being in your backyard. The attractive wood grain pattern vinyl persists in this design, and it accentuates the exterior design.

The only hint of steel is seen in the full-length aluminium window frames and glass entrance. Get rid of all your industrial furniture, here we are all about comfort! Of course, no space would be complete without an air conditioner/ heating or natural airflow.

Simple and pure

shipping container office - simple

Think concrete furniture, solid steel chassis, roof to floor glass entrance, a hot coffee, and you behind this desk. Either take those floor planks and have them painted grey or off white, and take things to the next level with all Australian materials and off-grid power.

Get in contact with Gateway Containers

There are a range of shipping container options that you can look into when considering a shipping container office as an affordable office solution. It’s a perfect work from home solution and can be used to run your own personal business.

It’s also eco-friendly and offers a creative workspace that will allow you to focus while still offering a social environment for employees.

The best way to get started with your shipping container office is by contacting your local experts at Gateway Containers. Our team can show you through our range of sizes to find a perfect solution that meets your required dimensions, floor plan, and exact requirements.

We pride ourselves on finding a solution for our customer’s needs. We even offer delivery!

With this in mind, contact our sales team at Gateway Containers to see about a competitive quote for a home office container conversion. We look forward to hearing from you!

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