Gateway Industry Memberships

Unparalleled Advantages For Our Customers

One of the ways that Gateway ensures you get the best products and service is through our membership of professional organisations governing the container business. Gateway are currently members of:

  • Container Owners Association (COA)
  • Bureau International des Containers et du Transport International (BIC)
  • Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL)

Container Owners Association (COA)

Container Owners AssociationThe Container Owners Association was established in November 2004 as an international organisation representing the common interests of all owners of freight containers. The principle aims of the COA are to provide global expertise, to promote common standards and to facilitate international lobbying.

Benefits For Our Customers

  1. Assurance you are being supplied with the most recent and relevant information for your shipping container purchase
  2. Assurance your shipping container is of the highest quality and best value for money
  3. Assurance you are working with industry experts

Membership Benefits

  1. Gateway can purchase containers DIRECT from the shipping lines resulting in better prices for you
  2. Part of a global association whose members are at the forefront of the shipping container business
  3. Access to COA studies, reports and conference presentations (recent reports include annual reports on alternative flooring systems and alternative pain systems)
  4. Participation in COA working groups and projects including:
    1. The “Reefer Technical Forum”, aimed at sharing information about the recent problems caused by counterfeit refrigerants.
    2. Management of the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS) project permitting shipping lines to share information about cargo incidents and accidents
    3. Development of a PAS (Publicly Available Specification) based on the COA Recommended Code of Practice) for the manufacture and operation of Flexitanks
    4. Establishment of a Container Depot Division, permitting Depots to share industry best practice

Bureau International des Containers et du Transport International (BIC)

BIC 2022

The Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal (B.I.C.), with over 1900 members, is the only non-governmental organization linking all groups interested in containerization and intermodal transport: carriers, manufacturers, operators, lessors, shippers, forwarders, authorities and other international organizations.

Benefits For Our Customers

  1. Customers will recognise a Gateway owned container by the code ‘KUDU’ front loading the container number
  2. Assurance your container is being sourced by a globally recognised and registered company

Membership Benefits

  1. Gateway have an owner code for their containers: KUDU
  2. National registration for shipping container ownership
  3. Participation in BIC services including:
    1. Its conferences and forums
    2. Its participation in working groups for numerous International Organizations
    3. Its contribution to international projects, thanks to the many internationally recognised experts on the BIC Board and among its members

Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL)

Institute of International Container LessorsThe IICL was instrumental in the development of the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC), the international agreement for maintaining containers in safe condition, the Approved Continuous Examination Programmes (ACEP), and of the Harmonized Interpretation of the CSC with the International Maritime Organization.

Benefits For Our Customers

  1. Assurance your container has passed globally recognised safety conditions
  2. Assurance all Gateway Containers are of the highest quality and safety conditions for the best price
  3. Certified Staff members renew their IICL certificates on an annual basis

Membership Benefits

  1. Gateway is an internationally recognised company as a Certified Container Inspector
  2. Other container businesses can use Gateway for safety checks prior to sale
  3. Gateway can survey and certify containers for international shipping and trade

COAS Membership Customers

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