The Beginner’s Guide To Securing Your Shipping Container

Shipping containers are an excellent investment for anyone looking for a durable, reliable, and cost-effective storage solution. If you’re considering purchasing a shipping container, this article will give you all the information you need to make sure your container is safe and secure!

How hard is it to break into a shipping container?

If you’re using a shipping container for storage or a garden shed, chances are you have some valuable items inside it. It’s only natural to be worried about your container being secure.

So, the question is, can someone break into them? It’s no secret that most shipping containers are made out of hardened steel bodies with steel plate doors, both of which are incredibly difficult to break into.

Shipping container locks can also be strong enough to prevent some would-be thieves from stealing your valuable items. However, nothing is completely secure.

If you’ve watched any heist movie, you know even the toughest vault with a high level of defence has a weak point, and that’s the same for a shipping container. Shipping containers are meant to be as strong as possible. But there’s always a chance someone with a bit of know-how could find a way to crack it open if they wanted to.

Here are the top three methods used to break into a shipping container:

  • Using brute force and a pry bar.

When there are no secondary locks or security systems, a knowledgeable thief can use a pry bar to break open the doors and get your items.

  • Using lock picking tools.

There are a large variety of tools that can crack open a shipping container. When used correctly, they can help thieves get through your built-in locking system.

  • Breaking into the air-lock via cutting it open with bolt cutters.

Few things in life are bolt cutter proof. If done right, this method of breaking into a shipping container is relatively easy for thieves. All they need to do is cut through the metal that allows air on one side of a door and air off of the other. Bolt cutter attacks are quick and easy to carry out.

How to secure your shipping container

Here are some simple ways to keep your container secure.

1. Keep it locked up tight

Standard containers come with a variety of security features, including multiple locking points on both container doors. Here are some additional ways you can lock your shipping container:

a) Heavy duty padlocks provide extra protection

Padlocks are the simplest way of quickly obtaining container security for your items. An everyday padlock might not do much good against a determined thief but top-grade heavy duty locks provide an extra layer of security.

b) Install a lock box

Container lockboxes are a great way to make it virtually impossible to break in via the locks of your shipping container storage.

A container lock box is a steel box that prevents your padlock from being tampered with. These boxes are large enough for you to fit your padlock and key into, but small enough that they prevent anyone from tampering with your lock and cutting the shank.

Generally, second-hand shipping containers don’t come with a container lock box installed and require them to be added as a container modification. They are easy to install and are usually either bolted or welded on.

2. Putting in a security systems/alarm also helps guard against theft

A security system can help you keep tabs on your shipping container and make sure it’s safe. Here are some of the most popular reasons for choosing a security system:

  • Security systems can send alerts directly to your phone if your container is broken into.
  • They allow you to see what is happening at different times of the day and night, so you know when someone is trying to break in (or has already done so).
  • Security cameras can decrease your risk of theft by being a natural deterrent.

Installing an internal alarm is also an option if you’re looking for an additional level of protection. These alarms can be wireless, self contained and monitored on your mobile.

Get insurance for peace of mind

The best way you can put your mind at ease is to insure any valuables you keep inside your container. This is by no means a replacement for a lock but will ensure that you get compensated if your belongings are stolen after an attempted break-in.

Shipping container security FAQs

How secure are shipping containers?

Lockboxes and padlocks may prevent easy access but they won’t make your container 100% theft proof. Consider a lock box, security system and insurance for extra protection.

Do you sell shipping container locks?

We sure do! Here at Gateway Containers we have a wide range of container security options. Choose one of our padlocks to keep your doors shut, or get a little more technical with sliding bolt locks, lock boxes, window security bars, and more.

If I modify my shipping container with added security, will it decrease its resale value?

While making upgrades or modifications to your shipping container can be perfect for your uses, it might not make it perfect for resale. If you’re considering putting your container back on the market, consider some temporary security measures.

If you have any more questions about container security get in touch with our team here at Gateway Containers to discuss your options.

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